The Frederick Douglass Republican message

Dear Patriots:

For those of you who missed it on C-SPAN, here's the link to watch the historic Black Conservative Forum, that Congressman Allen West sponsored, with, among others, our friends K.Carl Smith, his brother, Dr. Karnie Smith and Rev. C.L. Bryant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YIcwS6pyfI . Please share this link with all.

The Frederick Douglass Republican message is really taking off, and the Smiths' book "Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-ignite America's Passion for Liberty", available from Amazon, is flying off the shelves! K.Carl can barely keep up with his requests for speaking engagements- everything from The National Federation of Republican Women, to Hip Hop Republicans (one every week in February). At the risk of repeating myself to many of you:

I strongly feel that the FDRep message is the answer to the problems the GOP is having. Statistics show that people are leaving the GOP in droves, because it is no longer the party of liberty. It has joined the Democrats in the "insider" camp of DC. The FDRep movement does not seek to destroy the GOP, but restore it! People can feel good about not abandoning the party of their forefathers, but rather helping to rebuild it to its former greatness, as the party of freedom, the party of all Americans, as Frederick Douglass envisioned it. No one wants to be enslaved to our liberty-devouring government. Rumored to be the son of a slave master, Frederick Douglass brought himself up from abject poverty and slavery, by his own initiative and volition. He went from sleeping on a dirt floor, to being an advisor to five presidents, and living in a mansion with a floor to ceiling library. He is a strong role model for all of us. His life's story has all the elements to be a symbol for what is great about America. He was strong -- spiritually, mentally and physically -- bright, handsome, determined, and tough as nails.

One of the larger purposes of our support of theTea Party vs Hollywood event, June 15-16th, in Atlanta (www.teapartyvshollywood.com ) is to continue the dialogue (uninterrupted) that occurred in Rep. West's historic forum. K. Carl and Karnie Smith will be conducting FDRep training and informational sessions, and we also plan on additional sessions based on the Constitution and other important topics (we are open to topics and speakers). The original purpose of the event was to increase awareness of teenage leukemia and help continue to establish a donor base, but our purpose has greatly expanded to a tea party revival and opportunity to strategize with fellow patriots to restore America to greatness.

We Frederick Douglass Republicans believe the answer lies in bridging the gap, intentionally created by the Democrat Party, between white and black Americans, by encouraging and teaching us all to vote our values, not a party label. I also ask that you support our highly qualified, happen to be black, Frederick Douglass Republican candidates on www.operationblackstorm.us.

K.Carl Smith has brought the FDRep message to millions in the past two years, almost completely with his own funds. As a retired Army Major, he is not a wealthy man. He's put over 300,000 miles on his car, bringing the message from his home in Alabama to as far away as Texas. If you are able, please donate to help him continue the battle at www.frederickdouglassrepublican.com.

Thank you very much, God bless you and yours, and please join us in Atlanta!


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